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Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn’t this blog update much anymore?

  • Both your mods are now twenty-somethings in grad school. We have a lot going on and unfortunately don’t have much time for this blog anymore. We’re sorry!

Does Gleeky post spoilers?

  • Yes. This is not and has never been a spoiler-free zone.

Do you have some sort of ~special connection~ with the Glee producers or writers?

  • Nope. Just an ordinary fan. 

Will you follow me back?

  • Short answer: no. If I see you around tumblr and you look interesting, of course I’ll check out your page. But if you ask me straight-out, I will probably delete your message without looking.
  • However, I’m totally up for good discussion and friendly conversation on here. Feel free to talk away! Just don’t send me one of those irritating followback? ;) messages.

Do you take gif or screen cap requests?

  • Yes - all you have to do is ask! Just make sure you specify what scene you want and what you would like (screen cap, small reaction gif, large gif, etc.)

Where can I download music and episodes?

  • iTunes is always my number one suggestion. Sometimes I’ll reblog download links if I see them, but those usually get taken down before too long because of copyright issues.

Where do you get your pictures and information?

  • All screen caps and gifs from the episodes are taken and edited by your two mods, unless otherwise noted.
  • Cast pictures come from a variety of sources; check the tags section to see where individual photos came from.
  • Information is also taken from a variety of sources, so I try to cite things wherever I can.

Is there a way to search Gleeky for specific characters or ships?

  • The easiest way to do this is by tags. All relevant posts are tagged with actors, characters, episodes and ships. For instance, you could try:

I still have questions!

  • You can always send questions and comments to the ask box. I do get a high volume of questions, so be patient if yours doesn’t get answered right away! I’ll do my best to get to it.